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Priority Focus Areas

The GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference will focus on the following Priority Areas:

Interdependencies between Ecosystems and Climate Change

  • Weather shifts and imbalances

  • Water, ice, and permafrost

  • Wetlands and oceans degradation

  • Ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss

  • Biodiversity vulnerability to changing climate


Interdependencies between Social-Ecological-Technological Systems and Climate Change

  • Food systems

  • Energy systems

  • Health systems

  • Water systems including resource management



  • Underserved populations

  • Frontline communities

  • Climate justice and vulnerability

  • Ecosystem degradation and impacts to Indigenous and local communities 

Resilience and Tradeoffs

  • Interdependencies between ecosystem health and climate change

  • Climate solutions and biodiversity conservation

  • Green infrastructure and systems resilience

  • Role of Indigenous peoples and local communities in climate resilience

  • Science and risk finance

  • Post-pandemic recovery


Climate Technology and Innovation

  • Energy-based solutions including electricity, waste, transportation and buildings

  • Nature-based solutions

  • Advanced technologies

  • Societal assets


Science Diplomacy and Multilateral Mechanisms

  • Multilateral governance and local solutions

  • UNEP@50

  • SDGs - 2030 targets

  • Stockholm +50

  • The Paris Climate Agreement and the Glasgow Climate Compact

  • Biodiversity Convention 2030 targets

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