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Host Committee


A. Karim Ahmed, Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut​


Committee Members

Sally Archibald, Associate Professor, School of Animal Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg​

Sandra Diaz, Professor, Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the National University of Córdoba | Senior Researcher, National Scientific and Technical Research Council​

Rita Colwell, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University | President, CosmosID, Inc.

Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies Emeritus and President of the Center for Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Stanford University​

Bill Finch, Founding Director, Paint Rock Forest Research Center​

Lynda Hopkins, 5th District Supervisor, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, California​

Margaret Leinen, Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego | Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences and Dean of the School of Marine Sciences

Valerie Luzadis, Professor, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York

Pablo Marquet, Professor of Ecology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile​

Steward T.A. Pickett, Plant Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies​

Peter Raven, President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden​

Carl Safina, Endowed Research Chair for Nature and Humanity, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University​

Raman Sukumar, Professor, Center for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science ​

William Sutherland, Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge​

Robert Watson, Emeritus Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia ​

Michelle Wyman, Executive Director, Global Council for Science and the Environment 

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