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Why Virtual?

In the spirit of collaboration, commitment to the environment, and continued safety during COVID-19, the GCSE 2022 Annual Conference will be held virtually in an online format that allows participants from across the globe to participate in real time without needing to travel.


Our goal to offer the greatest level of access and inclusion to all who wish to attend; with sessions spread over four days and accessible at minimal cost through a simple internet link, we aim to achieve a broad array of participation while reducing health risks and minimizing environmental impact. We also strive to promote equity and inclusion throughout our conference and organization; please see GCSE’s oath to be anti-racist.


GCSE’s research team will be working to capture and report the reductions in our environmental footprint from this virtual format, including CO2 emissions avoided as a result of holding GCSE 2022 online. To learn more and receive this analysis, please sign up to the GCSE mailing list.