Jumpstart a Climate Positive Future at GCSE 2022

Negative climate tipping points, with catastrophic consequences, are undeniably bearing down upon us. Pathways to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, are narrowing.

Yet, researchers have also begun to identify cases where policy interventions can leverage tipping points to jumpstart positive changes. From electric vehicle markets to food systems to climate justice, there is clear untapped potential for a new framework of solutions centered on the concept of reverse tipping cascades and thresholds for climate recovery.

Researchers have described this potential as "plausible grounds for hope".

The GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference will be a forum for interdisciplinary learning and collaboration to shift our global climate strategy. Together, we can leverage positive tipping points to accelerate climate action and achieve our collective goals for people and the planet.

We invite you to help amplify change and shape a climate positive future as a presenter, supporter, or participant at GCSE 2022.